Materials Research

AlN and ternary nitride alloys for piezo-MEMS

  • Si MEMS compatible technology
  • RF and pulsed DC sputtering of piezomaterials (VAKSIS MiDaS PVD system)
  • Alloying optimization by co-sputtering 
  • Detailed characterization of the layers: piezoelectric tests, SEM/TEM, XRD, ellipsometry, AFM, Makyoh topography, ion beam analysis etc.



Sol-gel based ferroelectric layers

  • High piezoelectic constant
  • Optimization of layer processing for PZT and BaTiO3
  • Studying the compatibilty with standard MEMS technology

Advanced Nanomaterials for zero/low power sensors 

  • Piezoelectric nanowires for event activated tactile sensing
  • Engineered colloid nanoparticles for advanced sensors