Intelligent tire  

  • 3D force sensor for real-time monitoring of local tire deformation 
  • Driving assistance through Bluetooth LE wireless data communication
  • Kinetic energy powered sensor nodes


VibrAN ‒ Vibration analysis for the industry

  • Continuous vibrational spectrum analysis
  • Low power wireless communication
  • Vibrational energy harvester assisted powering

WoundER ‒ Intelligent Medical Bondage

  • Bondage strenght monitoring 
  • On-line remote access to the measured data for the medical doctor
  • WoundER 1.0: Android based smart phone application


Totally implantable cochlear implant (TICI)

  • Frequency sensitive accelerometer
  • Miniaturized piezo-MEMS design for middle-ear implantation
  • Collaboration with medical doctors at ENT-PTE
  • Multimodal spiral design